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We specialise in sandblasting, laser cutting and laser engraving promotional products and gifts. Our sandblasted enamel mugs are truly unique. Our products have also been sent as far as Germany, Great Britain, Brazil and the USA.

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We will go the extra mile to make sure we can accommodate your creative ideas and will always provide you with the personalised, professional service you deserve.

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Specialising in enamel mugs since 2015.

Customised Wedding Favours and signs


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Sandblasted Enamel Products

Sandblasted Enamel Products

Mugs are sandblasted through the enamel layer ensuring a permanent design. The design has a great tactile element. Wholesale prices from R23, dependant on design complexity. Pricing for smaller orders start at R28 per mug.

Sandblasted Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Products

We provide sandblasted Stainless Steel products which are sandblasted or laser marked. Pricing varies as reverse sandblasting usually costs more.

Sandblasted Glass Products

Sandblasted Glass Products

Decorative sandblasting can be done on a wide variety of glass surfaces ranging from mirrors, glass panes, vases, wine glasses, votives, bowls, tot glasses etc.

Sublimated Enamel Products

Sublimated Enamel Products

Sublimated enamel products are coated and then decorated with the picture or photo of your choice. We have had great success on enamel plates and dishes too!

Laser Engraved Glass Products

Laser Engraved Glass Products

Customising of glasses using laser engraving. A slightly different finish to sandblasting which reflects the light very nicely.

Laser Engraving Cutting

Laser Engraving/Cutting

We specialise in unique laser engraved items, do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas or ask us for advice.
Laser Engraved Enamel Mugs

Laser Engraved Enamel Mugs

Laser engraved enamel mugs offer finer detail than what can be achieved through sandblasting and can be engraved on both sides. 


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